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February 29-March 2 – In a time when the values of patriotism and family are constantly under attack, it’s inspiring to witness organizations that stand firm in their commitment to these ideals. Moms for America, a grassroots movement dedicated to empowering mothers and promoting liberty, recently celebrated its 20th anniversary with a three-day summit at New Beginnings Church in Bedford, Texas, sponsored by Patriot Mobile.

The event, which brought together like-minded mothers from across the nation, featured an array of distinguished speakers, including country music star John Rich, constitutional scholar Rick Green, actor Jim Caviezel, Dr. Peter McCullough, actors Kevin and Sam Sorbo, and historian Tim Barton. Attendees were also treated to a special session with Dr. Ben Carson, who shared insights from his children’s book “Why America Matters” during a captivating story hour. In addition, Moms for America hosted two highly informative panels on gender confusion and medical freedom, shedding light on how families can protect their children in these areas.

Country artist John Rich

Tim Barton

Rick Green

Dr. Ben Carson

Leigh Wambsganss, Chief Communications Officer at Patriot Mobile, took the stage that weekend to reaffirm our company’s dedication to supporting causes that matter most to conservative mothers. “How many of your cell phone service companies support your right to bear arms to protect yourselves and your children? How many of your cell phone service companies stand in the gap for the innocence of life? How many cell phone service companies support our military and our first responders?” asked Wambsganss. “What we know is that Patriot Mobile is the only one doing all of these things!” Patriot Mobile stands alone in its unwavering support of these fundamental American values.

The Patriot Mobile team thoroughly enjoyed engaging with many mothers who stopped by our booth to learn more about how they can join the fight to protect our God-given rights and freedoms, just by using their cellphone. We were encouraged to see many women who are waking up to the importance of voting with their wallets by supporting companies that align with their values.

As a mission-driven company, Patriot Mobile is dedicated to making a difference beyond the wireless industry, and we’re proud to support the mission of Moms for America. Learn more about Moms for America by visiting their website.