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Patriot Mobile Connect™ Now Brings You Wireless Cellular Internet.

Have your own private, secure and portable Wi-Fi connection wherever you go. Cellular Routers and Hotspots that use patented vSIM technology to seamlessly connect to local mobile networks. No SIM cards or tedious configuration needed.

Connect to all your favorite streaming services and sites.

Connect Devices

One Device , One Plan, Multiple Carriers, No Contract.

Automatically connect to the strongest cellular signal from 3 major network towers AT&T, T-Mobile, and US-Cellular.

Call 469-FREEDOM

Order your device today and stay connected.


Wi-Fi anywhere

Reliable remote coverage anywhere in the United States.


Click Here To See Data Plans

Offering a variety of monthly data plans from 2GB to 800GB. Global plans also available.


Secure Virtual SIM

Automatically connects to the strongest available signal among 3 major networks – no SIM needed.




No contract, prepaid plans. Pay on a monthly basis, cancel anytime.

Patriot Mobile Connect™ Router and Hotspot offer high-speed data plans to accommodate your specific needs. Stay connected and travel with live TV, movies, music, and more.

Who Needs Patriot Mobile Connect TM?

Remote Work Teams

* Ideal for Patriot Router
  • Reliable internet access for video conferencing, cloud-based applications, and seamless communication even while traveling.

Event Organizers

* Ideal for Patriot Puck
  • Temporary, reliable internet access for staff communication, entertainment, ticketing systems, and attendee engagement.

Construction Teams

* Ideal for Patriot Router
  • Reliable internet access for project management tools, communication with stakeholders, and accessing - architectural plans online.

Retail Pop-up Stores

* Ideal for Patriot Puck
  • Temporary retail spaces that operate in various locations, such as holiday markets or promotional events that need reliable point-of-sale systems.

Truck Drivers

* Ideal for Patriot Puck
  • Maintain connectivity during long-haul journeys for hotspot navigation assistance, communication, and entertainment.

Rural Businesses

* Ideal for Patriot Router
  • Small businesses located in rural or remote areas where traditional broadband services may not be available to run Point-of-sale systems and communication.


Data Plans

All plans are Pay As You Go with no contracts or commitments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Patriot Mobile can provide your business with reliable, nationwide 4G or 5G wireless services on all three major networks. We provide 100% US-based customer support for your business needs, including wireless internet solutions. By joining Patriot Mobile, your business will support Christian conservative causes and our mission to defend our God-given rights and freedoms through the four pillars of our company: the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, the Sanctity of Life, and Veterans, Military, and First Responders.

By choosing Patriot Mobile, your business directly contributes to Christian conservative causes. A portion of your monthly bill is allocated to our annual giving budget. Patriot Mobile donates millions per year to the causes under our pillars.

Patriot Mobile Connect (PMC) can provide your business with reliable cellular internet through three of the top networks. PMC can also provide solutions for internet failover or remote solutions where wired internet is not available.

Our business plans are designed with flexibility in mind and free from long-term contracts. This allows your business to scale services up or down as required, without financial penalties.

All your current business numbers can seamlessly be ported over to Patriot Mobile service with minimum disruptions and maintaining continuity with your clients and partners.

Our data plans are versatile, ranging from 2GB to 1,000GB, catering to varied business needs from basic email communications to extensive data usage for operations.

Our dedicated business US Based customer support team is accessible via phone, email, or live chat, providing specialized assistance for business accounts to address any inquiries or issues promptly.

One of our experienced enterprise sales associates will work with you to ensure a smooth setup and port over process for your devices and services.

In the event of connectivity challenges, we recommend restarting your device as a first step. For persistent issues, our business customer support is equipped to offer advanced troubleshooting and ensure your business remains connected.

Business accounts can manage billing through our secure online portal, designed for easy access to view usage, manage accounts, and process payments efficiently.

Yes, plan modifications can be made to accommodate evolving business needs. Adjustments can be handled through the online portal or by contacting our business customer support.

Our business referral program rewards your company for recommending Patriot Mobile, providing benefits to both you and the businesses you refer. This program supports network growth aligned with shared values.

For detailed information or further assistance, please visit our dedicated business services section on our website or reach out to our business customer support team. We are committed to ensuring your business benefits from our services while supporting causes that resonate with your company’s values.