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Did you know you can have multiple Networks on one Smartphone?

All you need is an available SIM on a Dual SIM smartphone, a Patriot Mobile Primary phone plan, and for as low as $15 a month you can ensure you're covered with second line on a different network.

Why you need Patriot Mobile One

Backup line
  • Network towers can sometimes go down, having a second line on a different network keeps you connected at all times.

  • Ensure your most precious treasures stay connected, whether at school, on a field trip, or out with friends.

  • Stay connected when you travel to remote locations where a paticular network may not have coverage.

  • Effectively handle client calls using separate business lines, eliminating the need for two phones.

  • No need to carry two phones; combine your work and personal number into one device .

  • Stay connected during any crisis situation; having a backup line may save someone’s life.

Patriot Mobile is one of the only carriers that can offer you three different networks. Two networks can be on one device.

Patriot Mobile One is One Carrier, One Phone, Multiple Networks:
  • Add a second line to your eSIM-compatible smartphone.
  • Ideal for separating work and personal calls or texts.
  • Manage privacy effectively with a dedicated number.
  • Eliminate the need for multiple devices, reducing cost and clutter.
Two Networks, One phone:
  • Access two different networks simultaneously on one device.
  • Ensure consistent and reliable coverage, in rural areas.
  • Allows cellular data switching. Use data from both data plans when needed.

One Phone, One Carrier, Multiple Networks

Dual SIM smartphones allow you to use two SIM cards simultaneously, either eSIM or hard SIM. With Patriot Mobile One, not only can you have a second number, but that number can be on on a different network. This can be useful for managing network coverage issues when traveling the country or for using personal and business lines on the same device.

Patriot Mobile’s got you covered as one of the only cell phone carriers to provide all three major networks!

Frequently Asked Questions

Patriot Mobile is one of the only wireless Carriers that offers three different networks. PMO allows you to have two numbers with access to two networks on a single dual-SIM smartphone. This service combines work and personal numbers on one phone, doubles coverage options, and ensures connectivity in rural or remote areas.

If your device supports dual SIMs with eSIM technology, call 972-PATRIOT and add a second line starting at $15 monthly. You can activate your second line directly from your device settings.

PMO is perfect for professionals who need separate lines for work and personal use, individuals who require reliable coverage in various locations, and travelers who need consistent connectivity across different networks.

PMO is compatible with any smartphone with dual SIM functionality, including eSIM technology. Popular compatible devices include the latest Apple, Samsung, and Google models. Please check your device specifications to confirm compatibility.

Pricing for PMO starts at $15 per month for the additional line. This fee allows you to access the second number or network without needing a separate physical SIM card. Note talk, text, and data charges may apply based on your plan choice.

Yes, with PMO, you can manage both lines independently. Each line can have its own data plan and settings for calls, texts, and data usage. Click here to watch a short video on how to use PMO.

PMO can be a great asset when traveling internationally. You can switch between networks to leverage local carriers, potentially saving on roaming fees. Be sure to check international rates and network compatibility before you travel.

Switching between numbers or networks is managed through your phone’s settings. Click here to watch a short video on how to use PMO.

Click here to watch a short video on how to use PMO or call member services at 972-PATRIOT