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February 26-28 – Patriot Mobile was honored to sponsor Turning Point USA Faith’s ‘Strong Church: Dream Conference 2024’ at Dream City Church in Phoenix, Arizona. Drawing over 2,000 church leaders and Christians from diverse backgrounds, this gathering was a powerful call to action for Christians to courageously uphold righteousness and truth, despite the prevailing cultural narratives.

TPUSA Faith is on a mission to serve the American Church by resourcing Christians across the nation to stand for liberty and The Kingdom. Recognizing God has given every person dreams capable of changing the course of history, this conference empowered attendees to reach their God-given calling and equip them to contend for their cities and communities in the midst of cultural chaos.

“The American church is going to stand for liberty. The American church is going to stand for righteousness. The American church is not going to roll over for this secular, godless, globalist regime that is reigning terror in this country right now,” said Charlie Kirk, Founder of TPUSA.  “We’re not going to put up with it!”

Kirk reiterated the importance of unity in the face of opposition, encouraging Christians of all denominational backgrounds to come together to save our nation. “The enemy is dividing the church right now to be passive in this critical year of 2024,” said Kirk. “What we stand for is not political but it’s biblical at its core. And we are serious about saving the country, and it will be the church that will lead!”

Charlie Kirk, photo by TPUSA

The conference was not merely a gathering; it was a training ground for believers who feel called to make a difference in our nation. Attendees were equipped to courageously address pressing issues often sidestepped by many churches, such as transgenderism, abortion, and the border crisis, all from a biblical worldview perspective.

The dynamic lineup of speakers included Pastor Luke Barnett of Dream City Church, Pastor Jentezen Franklin, Pastor Jack Hibbs, Riley Gaines, Eric Metaxas, Pastor Jack Graham, and historian David Barton. Each brought a unique perspective and insight, inspiring believers to stand boldly for their faith in an increasingly secular society. In addition to presentations from leading thought leaders and enlightening breakout sessions, attendees experienced powerful moments of worship led by Christian songwriter, Sean Feucht.

Charlie Kirk, Eric Metaxas, James Lindsay (L-R), photo by TPUSA

Pastor Rob McCoy, Charlie Kirk (L-R), photo by TPUSA

Pastor Jack Hibbs, photo by TPUSA

Photo by TPUSA

Rich Savage, Patriot Mobile’s VP of Human Resources, took the stage to share how Patriot Mobile is mobilizing our business to fight for Christian conservative values. “Our mission is to passionately defend our God-given rights and freedoms that we have as Americans: our First Amendment, our Second Amendment, the sanctity of life, and those who support the needs of our military, our veterans, and our first responders,” said Savage. “We gave over $6 million since 2020 to these organizations and they’ve done such amazing things!” Patriot Mobile gives annually to causes that are fighting to preserve Christian values in our nation, including TPUSA.

Patriot Mobile is proud to stand alongside TPUSA Faith in their mission to restore America’s biblical values. It was an honor for us to join forces with them and contribute to the success of the Strong Church conference.