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The recent tornado that struck the small North Texas town of Valley View a week ago caused widespread devastation. Over 200 homes were destroyed, more than 100 victims were injured, and tragically, 7 people lost their lives, including two children, ages 2 and 5. In such a disaster, every number represents a name, a person, with a family and a story.

A week after the tragedy, the community is still struggling to put their lives back together. Last Thursday, a Patriot Mobile team filled the company car to the brim with requested donation items and delivered them to the Valley View Community Center. The team came back to the office with impactful stories and photos. With less than 24 hours’ notice, Patriot Mobile answered the call again to send another team to provide meals, encouragement, and spiritual support on Saturday. Moved with compassion, Patriot Mobile’s CEO, Glenn Story, led the second caravan to Valley View, personally visiting with many families.

Glenn Story visits Valley View tornado victims (left)

Glenn Story and Jerry Johnson hand out food to Valley View residents

Scenes of devastation in Tornado-hit Valley View

The Patriot Mobile team prays over victims

Stories of Survival and Faith

As Story approached one family’s residence to deliver lunches, he saw a father busy in the background tearing down the house because it was no longer safe. In spite of great loss, God delivered this family of five through the storm. Even when the tornado blew the roof off their house, the father, the mother, and their three sons were protected from harm. This family had just celebrated the 14th birthday of their oldest son. One of his friends who was at their house with them that night, was likely saved from not being at his own home, which was leveled by the storm. While the mother, Sarah, was telling us about their loss, grief, and God’s protection, she was overcome with emotion. The Patriot team gathered around her to pray, thanking the Lord for His protection and asking for His provision for this precious family.

At another property, one resident, Leo, shared how he and his elderly father clung to each other, hiding in the center of their house for safety. His dad cried out, “Look at the wind, we are going to die!” Leo responded, “No, don’t look out at the wind, look up to Jesus and we will be saved!” They did – and they were saved. As Leo told this story, behind him were nice shrubs and a flowerbed. Behind that was a large black square in the dirt, where their house once stood. Even with this total loss, Leo pointed up to the cross and the American Flag over his driveway entrance, saying he would rebuild with God’s help. Patriot Mobile’s Ambassador, Jerry Johnson, led the group in prayer with Leo under that cross, asking the Lord to provide his every need.

Homes destroyed in the tornado

God’s Divine Provision

Todd and Lisa Smith of Smith Farms, third generation farmers, lost their entire operation, including their barns, shops, buildings, and a greenhouse, to the tornado. Despite the great loss, they were hopeful. “If Jesus can calm the storms and walk on water… then he can restore our lives,” they said. After providing lunch for the family and clean-up crew, the Patriot Mobile team prayed specifically for God to provide.

Later that day, Story felt compelled to call Kash Patel, President Trump’s former Director of National Intelligence, to show him the devastation. Patel, a friend of Patriot Mobile, felt moved to help after seeing photos of the destruction Story sent to him. On speakerphone, Kash talked with the Smith family, informing them that his foundation, The Kash Foundation, would send them $10,000 to help cover their losses and get them back on their feet. Lisa Smith broke down crying and praising the Lord. The team, once again, praised God and thanked Him for His provision.

In all, Patriot Mobile provided a packed SUV full of supplies last week, 400 meals to victims and relief workers this weekend, and prayed over many families. These testimonies reveal that in the middle of this awful storm, and during tremendous loss, God was also working to save. He continues to bless and provide in its aftermath. It is a joy for Patriot Mobile to be His hands and feet in the process, delivering His love to those in need.

Patriot Mobile is in the process of organizing another layer of help with additional food and supplies over the next few weeks and will continue to bless this community with provision. The process will take months, if not years, for this community to rebuild. Valley View has specific needs posted on their website here. Please join us in praying for those that lost loved ones and those rebuilding during this difficult time.


To find out more about The Kash Foundation, please visit their website.