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For Immediate Release: January 24, 2024

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Las Vegas, Nevada – Patriot Mobile, America’s only Christian conservative wireless provider, proudly announces its recognition as the “Ladies Choice Award” recipient for “Best Cellular Service” by Shooting for Women Alliance Founder, Susan Romanov, today at Shot Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Romanov emphasized Patriot Mobile’s distinctive feature as one of the only mobile carriers providing wireless coverage on all three major networks, positioning it as an added safety measure for women. Romanov stated, “Patriot Mobile’s capability to have multiple networks on one phone, consolidated in a single convenient bill, ensures the optimal chance for cell service when that need for service is critical.”

Romanov’s real-life experience during the time she was held hostage in her home for five and a half hours at knife point in 1992 is one of the reasons she is passionate about women’s Second Amendment right of self-protection and reliable cell service. Romanov, now a Patriot Mobile customer, explains this passion, “during this traumatic event in 1992, I tried to call 911 twice and they never answered…for a while during that time, my phone did not have the ability to connect to anyone!”

Leigh Wambsganss, Chief Communications Officer at Patriot Mobile, emphasized, “In the pursuit of self-protection, women require every available tool. The Second Amendment ensures women’s right to self-protection, and in this equation, reliable phone service plays a critical role. Patriot Mobile empowers women by supporting both.”

Since Romanov formed the Shooting for Women Alliance in 2003, she has trained more than 100,000 women in self-defense and the shooting sports. She presented this award to Patriot Mobile during the 2024 Shot Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Shot Show is the world’s largest firearms industry’s trade show, an event of The Firearm Industry Trade Association. Patriot Mobile is the 2024 Shot Show Wi-Fi sponsor.

Patriot Mobile is America’s ONLY Christian conservative wireless provider. Since 2013, Patriot Mobile has given Americans a conservative alternative for their cell service by providing dependable nationwide coverage on 4G and 5G networks and exceptional U.S.-based customer support. Patriot Mobile gives a portion of every dollar earned to support organizations that align with our Four Pillars of Giving: the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, the Sanctity of Life, and we support our Military, Veterans and First Responder Heroes. Patriot Mobile’s mission is to passionately defend our God-given constitutional rights and freedoms, and to glorify God always.