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In our commitment to honoring and assisting the heroes who have served our nation, Patriot Mobile proudly partners with Warrior Rising, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting veterans in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Warrior Rising empowers U.S. veterans and their immediate families to find their purpose and sense of community by providing them opportunities to create sustainable businesses, perpetuate the hiring of fellow U.S. military veterans, and earn their future. By providing instruction, mentoring, funding access, and fostering a strong veteran community, Warrior Rising helps veterans become successful ‘vetrepreneurs.’ Since its founding in 2015, Warrior Rising has helped over 15,000 veterans and donated over 23,000 hours to training, educating, and mentoring veterans in entrepreneurship.

On November 11, Patriot Mobile proudly sponsored Warrior Rising’s ‘Victory for Veterans’ event where veterans from all over the country competed to win a $20,000 grand prize to fund their business ventures. In the ‘Shark Tank’ style competition, a dozen veterans, one by one, presented their business products or services to a panel of judges.

Rebecca Smith gives presentation in front of panel of judges

Wade May, our own Director of Enterprise Sales, served as one of the judges. “What an honor being a member of the final judging panel at Warrior Rising,” said May. “It was an amazing experience and quite challenging as there were so many deserving veterans who were bringing truly life-changing and life-saving businesses to the market. Honestly, all of the competitors are winners in my book!”

Rebecca Smith, wife of a Marine Combat Veteran, won first place with her tech startup, Thrifty. This innovative mobile app company offers users an easy solution for selling unused items. The app matches users with trained and vetted Thrifty managers in their area who help facilitate the sale of items, splitting the proceeds with users. Thrifty gives military and veteran families the opportunity to make an income no matter where they are in the country.

Rebecca Smith wins first place in ‘Victory for Veterans’

Danielle Buck, VP of Strategic Partnerships at Patriot Mobile, had the honor of interviewing Rebecca Smith about her experience competing in ‘Victory for Veterans’ and her entrepreneurial journey.

Dr. Trillitye Paullin, PhD, secured the runner-up position with her venture, Free to Feed. The company helps nursing mothers address their children’s food reactivity symptoms through extensive research, valuable resources, and support. Dr. Trill’s innovative contribution includes the development of the first at-home test kit designed to detect allergens in human milk.

Thanks to the generous contributions of sponsors and attendees at the ‘Victory for Veterans’ event, the grand prize was elevated to $30,000. Touched by the impactful presentations from the veterans, they went above and beyond, making additional donations to ensure that every contestant received increased financial support.

In choosing Patriot Mobile, our members enable our company to give back and advocate for the well-being and prosperity of our military and veteran families. Thank you for joining us in our mission to support our nation’s heroes!