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At Patriot Mobile, we understand the importance of safeguarding the liberties that founded our nation. In a world where our God-given rights and freedoms are increasingly under attack, we can easily become disheartened when reading the latest headlines. That’s why we believe in supporting causes that are defending our Christian conservative values against increasing hostility.

One of the causes we support is Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), an organization committed to protecting and preserving your right to speak and live out your beliefs. Founded by Christian leaders who recognized the pressing need to protect religious freedom, free speech, the sanctity of life, and marriage and family, ADF has grown to become the world’s largest legal ministry dedicated to these principles.

Led by Kristen Waggoner, who serves as CEO, president, and general counsel, ADF has achieved remarkable success over its 30-plus years, winning nearly 80% of its cases, including 15 victories in the Supreme Court in the past 12 years. With its network of more than 4,500 attorneys, ADF’s successes stem from its ability to apply true science and its legal precedents to win major victories. “ADF will walk boldly into the wind with resilience and with courage. We will do—as we have done—the hard things to which God has called us with the expectation that He will accomplish His purposes,” said Waggoner. ADF has crafted a comprehensive strategy that includes litigation, legislation, training, funding, and support for churches by providing legal defense and counsel.

One of ADF’s most significant endeavors has been its work behind the scenes in overturning Roe v. Wade, the landmark Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion in America. Leveraging their expertise, they assisted legislators in Mississippi to pass a strong pro-life law. Opponents of the law immediately challenged it in court relying on the Supreme Court’s precedent set by Roe. Mississippi took their case all the way to the Supreme Court, where ADF attorneys assisted the state’s legal team. After five decades of Roe v. Wade being the law of the land and over 60 million babies’ lives lost, ADF played a pivotal role in its downfall on June 24th, 2022.

Even as pro-lifers celebrate this monumental victory nationwide, ADF acknowledges that the work is far from over, as the fight for life continues in each state. Just last month, ADF provided crucial legal assistance to Idaho Attorney General Raúl Labrador in the Supreme Court case State of Idaho v. United States of America. Idaho boldly stood up to the Biden Administration’s attempt to force emergency room doctors to perform abortions that are illegal under Idaho’s Defense of Life Act. ADF supported Idaho’s defense of its law, arguing that it does not conflict with federal law and urging the Supreme Court to respect Idahoans’ right to defend the lives of women and unborn children.

In the most significant abortion case since the Dobbs decision, in August 2023, ADF won a unanimous ruling in the Fifth Circuit requiring the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to protect the health and safety of women by ending illegal mail-order chemical abortion drugs. Chemical abortions now make up more than half of all abortions in America. According to the FDA’s own data, between the abortion pill approval date of 9/29/2000 and 6/30/2022, at least 28 women died and thousands more were injured after taking it. The Biden Administration appealed that ruling. Attorneys from ADF argued for the Supreme Court to affirm the previous Fifth Circuit’s ruling and reinstate critical FDA safeguards to protect women’s health and safety.

The Supreme Court’s decisions in these important cases will be released this summer, and we invite you to pray with us for the Court’s rulings to protect life.

The battle over life is far from over. Pro-lifers must not become complacent but continue to fight for life until the most vulnerable members of our society are protected. “If you’re willing to take a stand, you don’t have to stand alone,” says ADF.

At Patriot Mobile, we stand with Alliance Defending Freedom in their defense of life and liberty, and we encourage you to join us in spreading the word about their incredible work and supporting this vital cause.