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Terms and Conditions for “Patriot Mobile Connect – Patriot Router or Patriot Puck Promotion”


Offer Details: Using either the Promo code “FREEROUTER” or “FREEPUCK”, new customers who sign a 12-month contract for 7 (free Patriot Router) or 5 (free Patriot Puck) new lines of mobile service of at least 3GB data per line will receive a complimentary Patriot Mobile Connect Patriot Router or Patriot Puck with one month of data (up to 50GB) included. The offer is limited to one Patriot Mobile Connect Patriot Router or Patriot Puck per new customer. Customers must place their orders via phone


Limited Time Offer: This Offer is valid from the earlier of: July 2, 2024, through July 31st, 2024, or while supplies last. Available to new customers only. Pricing, promotions, terms, and restrictions subject to change and may be modified or terminated at any time without notice.


No Credit Check: A credit check is not required to participate in this promotion. 


Data Plan Requirement: Customers are required to subscribe to a minimum of 5 lines (for the Patriot Puck) or 7 lines (for the Patriot Router) and maintain a data plan of 3GB or greater per line during the contract period.


Promotion Payment: The device, based on the number of minimum lines as outlined in the details above (router or puck), will be billed to the customer in 12 monthly installments with an equal monthly credit applied against the installment for each month of customer’s contract. If customer terminates the contract prior to the end of the contract period, then customer will be responsible for the entire unpaid balance with respect to the device at the time of termination. 


Taxes: The customer will be responsible for paying all taxes on the retail value of the Patriot Mobile Connect Patriot Puck (MSRP – $169.99) or the Patriot Mobile Connect Router (MSRP – $289.99) device, billed in equal, monthly increments for the duration of the 12-month contract. 


Early Termination Fee (ETF): In the event the contract for a new line of service is terminated prior to the end of the 12-month period, customer will also be responsible for an ETF of $250. 


Activation Fee: Customers will be required to pay a $5 activation fee per line along with a $15 activation fee the Patriot Mobile Connect device, the Patriot Router or the Patriot Puck. 


General: Additional terms and conditions apply. See Terms & Conditions (including arbitration provision) at https://www.patriotmobile.com/terms-and-conditions/.


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