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Everyone has a story.

When someone calls in to Patriot Mobile, we cherish that. We aren’t just partnering with an account number, we’re doing life with a real, live, human that shares our values and has committed to support Conservative victories.

Patriot Mobile is not your average cell phone company. We fight the good fight. We stand in the gap. Where we go, so do our members go. That’s how we see business. That’s how we see purpose.

Eric and Stephanie’s Story

Meet Eric and Stephanie, two incredible Patriot Mobile members that we sponsored to join us for CPAC 2019, an annual political event in D.C. where “political leaders of the conservative movement unite with the people who make up the movement.”

It’s always exciting getting to know our members and being able to meet them face to face. Attending an event like CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference, gives our members a chance to experience, first-hand, what their cell phone service really supports.

While I knew the couple lived in Maryland, I had no idea the depth of their story. Stephanie, 45, has struggled with autoimmune deficiencies for as long as she can remember. Her husband, Eric, is a cancer survivor. These high-school sweethearts reunited fifteen years after graduation, and although Eric knew of Stephanie’s lifelong battle, he chose to be her lifetime support.

Better Together

The invite to CPAC came at tumultuous time – Stephanie, malnourished due to changes in governmental drug regulation, ended up in the hospital in February and almost lost her life. In brief moments of consciousness, she knew God had opened a door for her to attend the conference; the invitation gave her hope.

“I ended up in the hospital on February 23, malnourished and dying from it. I made my peace with God, but in the back of my mind, He had just opened a door for me to go to CPAC. Somehow, I knew my life wasn’t over yet, and that I had more on this earth to do,” Stephanie beamed from ear to ear.

I shared a meal with the couple after the CPAC Activism Boot-Camp, an “an unparalleled initiative that brings together the finest conservative organizations involved in activism training and campaign management.” We heard from the likes of Dan Crenshaw, Katrina Pierson, and Lila Rose, and considered ourselves more-than-strengthened on just the first evening of the event. Speaker after speaker, we sat back in awe of what unity really looks like.

“Hearing President Trump speak was the highlight of my experience at CPAC – his unscripted encouragement moved me to tears,” said Stephanie, “I was also blown away by the growing number of young people in attendance. The media makes it seem like every college student is a socialist, but the truth tells a different story.”

Making the Simple Switch

On the first evening of CPAC, I had the opportunity to break bread together with our two loyal members. I was enthralled as Eric and Stephanie shared just why they jumped, head first, into Patriot Mobile, a company with cause.

“My wife and I love to give back, we love to serve the homeless and give to organizations like Wounded Warriors when we can. We are so grateful for the many sacrifices that veterans have made so we can live in freedom,” Eric offered, “When our medical expenses grew, we were unable to be as generous. That’s why we switched to Patriot Mobile. It gave us another chance to serve our covenant countrymen – those who stand in the gap to honor the blessing of a God-inspired, God-breathed constitution.”

Stephanie then shared with me her grandfather’s long history of service with the local police department, which fuels her commitment to giving back to those who serve. As she and Eric walked through struggles with health, infertility, and even the repercussions of Obamacare in the midst of these hardships, they’ve always made sure to keep gratitude a priority. Stephanie learned this outlook from her father, a God-fearing man that always reminded her of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so she could live in America, proud and free.

A United Front

It’s a privilege to share the journey that Eric and Stephanie have walked through. It reminds me that although we may not be able to control our circumstances, but we can control how we make choices. And when I meet Patriot Mobile members and realize just how deeply we are all tied together, through faith, through hardship – I know that we can impact our country and the generations to come by uniting together with one purpose.

Join Eric, Stephanie, and thousands of Americans in the fight to protect Constitutional rights. Join the Patriot Mobile family today.

Lisa Bennett
Director of Marketing, Patriot Mobile